3 Reasons why you need EZblog free blogging application

FREE and easy blogging for everyone!

We created EZ Blog because blogging has become so complicated. We wanted to solve this problem with an easy solution that most people can use regardless of their technical experience. To accomplish this we had to express our vision to some really intelligent but too technical people and after a long process we had EZ Blog. This is our gift to you... FREE!

EZBlog simply lets you blog!

Nowadays blogging applications are just confusing. They are a hassle to maintain and are soo temperamental that you can break them by accident. EZBlog stands alone in its simplicity, stability and service. Here are 3 reasons why you should try EZBlog:

1. Easy to get started

EZBlog is a 2 step installation process. First step consist of (Copy + Paste) files to your host. The second step is running EZBlog and putting in your information. That's It! (If that's not simple enough for you we can do your install for just $20 bux...contact us)

2. No additional setup

After your initial install you are good to blog with no additional setup, maintenance, updates, plugins or costs.

3. Self contained

The entire EZBlog application exist in one folder.


EZBlog is a great solution for any level of blogger.(beginner blogger, intermediate / freelance blogger or professional bloggers).