“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”

– William James

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There's nothing like being heard but when you are understood you can change the world. Some blog for fame and fortune but we blog to deliver a message. Blog with us!

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Of existence in this place

We created EZ Blog because blogging has become so complicated. We wanted to solve this problem with an easy solution that most people can use regardless of their technical experience. To accomplish this we had to express our vision to some really intelligent but too technical people and after a long process we had EZ Blog. This is our gift to you... FREE! 

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What about now?

Right now we are working to improve the technology for both the free and pro version of EZ Blog. We want to make the software even easier to install and use. Not done yet... We are talking to our technology team about building an installer directly on our site. We want to  help as many people as we can to spread their message today. Blog with us!

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We've just launched EZBlog blogging platform. A PRO version is coming with a huge number of features, support & templates. Contact EZBlog or Follow the link to our pro page below for more details.

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